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The Challenge

The performing arts industry continues to demand only the best dance floors for their performances. A dancer must have confidence in the surface that he or she is performing on since slight changes in feel and touch can result in injuries and missteps. There is a great industry  emand for fixed and portable dance floors since many companies take their shows on the road to major cities and venues. Depending on the  style of dance or stage scenery, a floor must be able to meet certain requirements. One way to achieve this is by using PORON® polyurethane pads throughout the suspension systems of the floor.

PORON® pads offer performers an exceptional "feel" and dancing experience. Choosing between the many formulations of PORON® materials can give the dance floor the desired "feel" and also help reduce noise. Whether a semi-sprung floor is needed for ballet or a firmer, more resilient floor is needed for lyrical dance, PORON® polyurethane pads can help achieve the desired effect.

The Rogers Solution

The following PORON® polyurethane materials can be used as pads throughout the suspension systems of fixed or portable dance floors:

  • PORON® 4701-30 Grade
  • PORON® 4701-40 Grade
  • PORON® 4701-50 Grade


  • Superior compression set resistance enables long-term performance
  • Unique PORON® formulations provide a wide variety of firmness and compressibility
  • Excellent energy management properties
  • Durable materials that are functional across a wide temperature range (-40°C to 90°C)

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