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PORON® Industrial Polyurethanes Help Furnace Company Solve Access Door Rattling Issue

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Rogers PORON® 4701-30 Polyurethane Gasket Resists Furnace Heat and Maintains Seal

Customer Problem

Furnaces are a staple of everyday life. When a customer hears rattling in their furnace, it is fodder for worry, especially if they live in colder climates. A major furnace company was experiencing gasket failure because their gasket material was ripping and losing the seal on the access door maintenance workers regularly used to repair the furnace. This resulted in a rattling noise when the furnace would activate and caused many customers to think the furnace was malfunctioning, producing higher labor and repair costs for the furnace manufacturer.

The Rogers Solution

Rogers PORON® 30-15 Polyurethane materials were used to fix the seal on the door of the furnace even though the door was accessed often for repairs and maintenance. PORON® resists compression set (see description) which allows it to maintain a seal over a long period of time, providing consistent sealing force for the access door. In addition, Rogers offers color differentiation that can make assembly easier.


With Rogers PORON® Polyurethane foam, the furnace manufacturer provided a gasket that maintained its seal and resisted compression set, ensuring a consistent result over time. This reduced the rattling noise the previous failed gasket produced and gave the customer peace of mind, reducing labor and replacement part costs for the manufacturer.

Learn more about PORON® 4701-30 Polyurethane and its air conditioning and heating applications. 

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