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Rogers and Egebant Collaborate on LCM Screen Solution

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Customer Problem

A LCM (Liquid Crystal Module) TV has multiple layers of various materials that enable it to produce a crisp, high-quality picture on the screen. Amongst all these layers, a conformable spacer is used to prevent glass from touching the plastic or metal frame. Ideally, the spacer is also used for grip, keeping the glass it is touching in place while absorbing shock at the same time. A prominent LCM TV manufacturer identified several areas for improvement in terms of the material they were currently using as a spacer for their screens. The solid silicone material in use was not only expensive, it was inadequate in providing the necessary conformability, grip, and shock absorption.

The Rogers Solution

Working through Egebant, a trusted Rogers partner renowned for its expertise in the wood and metal industries, the manufacturer selected PORON® polyurethane foam material as the replacement for the silicone material in the spacer. Available in a variety of grades, Rogers’ PORON polyurethane foam material proved to be the best fit for the spacer application. PORON® 4701-50 foam was chosen for use against the bevel due to the thinness of the material. PORON® 4790-79 foam material was decided upon for use against the frame due to its shock absorption properties. In addition, PORON® polyurethane foam provided the necessary amount of grip force needed to keep the screen’s glass in place and was available at a lower price point than the solid silicone material.


Through the use of Rogers’ advanced materials Egebant was able to easily meet the exact design specifications and requirements of the LCM TV manufacturer, and in doing so provided the manufacturer with a lower cost solution that far exceeded the capabilities of the previous solid silicone material. The use of PORON® polyurethane material in the LCM spacer improved the overall quality of the product, and led to increased customer satisfaction with the end result.

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