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Rogers Heat-Resistant Silicone Perfect for Airplane Auxiliary Power Unit

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Rogers ARLON® Silicone Resists Heat and Lasts Longer Than Competing Products

Customer Problem

A leading aerospace hose and duct manufacturer was in the process of developing a new coupling for an auxiliary power unit for airplanes. They discovered the silicone used in an exterior power connection could not stand up to the high temperatures experienced during heat-aging testing. This resulted in lost functionality and cracking after several high heat cycles. It soon became apparent they needed a silicone that could handle extreme temperatures for long periods of time and retain its mechanical properties. Failure to find such a material would mean a miss in meeting product specifications and the loss of an opportunity to manufacture the product for sale.

The Rogers Solution

Rogers is able to formulate products to meet the specific needs of every customer. Rogers’ ARLON® silicone provided the perfect heat-aging characteristics to solve the company’s challenges. The silicone-covered fiberglass substrate easily withstood testing conditions, enduring high temperatures (500°F/ 260°C) for extended periods of time, in this case 1000 hours. What’s more, the material did so without cracking or breaking, proving it was more than up to the task of retaining its mechanical properties.


Rogers ARLON® silicone allowed the manufacturer to create a connector that easily conquered the high heat conditions of the muffler in the auxiliary power unit. The silicone’s flame, smoke and toxicity properties make it ideal for the high heat experienced in aerospace applications. In fact, the manufacturer’s engineers stated it was the best-performing silicone they’d ever seen at elevated temperatures. The company went on to win the contract and build the product, gaining a strong competitive edge and bolstering their industry reputation.

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