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Rogers Helps Smartphone Manufacturer Stand out With Extra Durable Phone

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Customer Problem

A major smart phone manufacturer was experiencing problems with the durability of one of its newest OLED display models. Highly committed to quality, their phones routinely undergo testing in which phones are dropped from a series of different heights, tumbled, or subjected to a ball being dropped on the phone’s display. As almost all smart phones do, the new model experienced display cracking and even breaking during many of the tests. Determined to rise head and shoulders above their competition, the smart phone manufacturer vowed to produce a phone that was much more durable than any of those provided by their competition. They approached Rogers for a solution.

The Rogers Solution

Rogers partnered with the manufacturer to design an innovative new housing that protected the display from cracking when dropped. In addition, the use of PORON® Display Back Pad material provided exactly the right amount of compression force deflection to maintain a proper distance between the AMOLED display module and housing, while still allowing the touch pad to function at its full capability. Most importantly, Rogers materials provided shock absorption far superior to anything delivered by other competitive products on the market.


The use of PORON® material, coupled with the phone’s new design, enabled the smart phone manufacturer to both decrease the phone’s crack rate and increase the amount of impact it is able to absorb. As such, the manufacturer is now able to offer a reliable, durable product that performs significantly better than anything the competition has to offer.

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