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Rogers Material The Perfect Fit for Electric Vehicle Batteries


Customer Problem

As electric vehicles become more and more popular among consumers, the need increases for more efficient batteries for those vehicles. Electric vehicle batteries are comprised of individual cells. The space between each of the cells requires a filler to prevent the cells from colliding with one another. These cells also need room to “move around”, as they go through cycles of expansion and contraction in the process of producing power. Foam material accomplishes this task and helps the battery cells fit together – similar to the layers of a cake. For one battery manufacturer, there was room for improvement in the foam (and foam supplier) they had been using – the search was on for alternatives.

The Rogers Solution

Rogers Corporation's PORON® 4790-92 foam material offered the correct compression set for the application. Working with Rogers yielded significant benefits as well. Rogers was able to provide the manufacturer with significantly shorter lead times than they had previously experienced with prior suppliers, meaning product would arrive at the manufacturer’s location quickly. In addition, Rogers’ level of technical support was superior to that of the prior provider, and support was easy to obtain due to Rogers being a domestic supplier.


By switching to Rogers the battery manufacturer improved the material used in their battery construction and better overall customer support. The manufacturer is pleased they now spend less time waiting for the material to arrive, and improved support is only a phone call away. The time saved can be put to making an even better, more efficient battery for the next generation of vehicles.

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