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Rogers Partners with Auto Manufacturer to Protect Infotainment System


Rogers PORON® 4701-50 Seals Out Dust Better Than the Competition

Customer Problem

Infotainment systems are vital to attracting automobile buyers. The challenge for manufacturers is that these electronic systems are extremely sensitive to vibrations, moisture and dust. One automobile manufacturer offering a vehicle infotainment system began to experience difficulties in protecting the connection for the system’s SD card. When the SD card was inserted and removed repeatedly, the felt gasket protecting the connection was not maintaining a good compression set, which meant dust was entering the system. The introduction of dust resulted in failed connections and malfunctions when the SD card was inserted. The manufacturer needed to fix the SD card connector problem quickly to ensure their system stayed viable and performed correctly.

The Rogers Solution

Rogers PORON® 4701-50 polyurethane foam offered the exact amount of compression force deflection required to maintain the connection over extremely long periods of time. What’s more, the PORON® material's compression set resistance allowed it to perform extremely well, keeping the gap between the SD card and the connector consistent, and sealing out dust and moisture.


Rogers PORON® polyurethane foam maintained the seal and provided gap filling capabilities, eliminating failure and maintaining the SD card’s performance over time. In addition, its ability to maintain compression force deflection and resist compression set significantly longer than the previously used felt material allowed the auto manufacturer to maintain its reputation for quality while saving substantial expense in labor and replacement parts cost.

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