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Rogers Provides High-Performance Gap Filler

Mass Transportation

Customer Problem

A European industry leader in transport seating was faced with the challenge of securing a material to be used as a gap filler for a problematic space between their seats and the outer body of railway cars in which those seats were located. The material used to fill the space needed to not only prevent vibrations from affecting passengers inside the car, but also pass strict regulatory standards (in this case, British fire testing standards under code BS 6853.)

The Rogers Solution

Various materials were tested but quickly eliminated due to not meeting standards and requirements. Rogers’ BISCO® HT800 silicone material, however, proved to be the right solution for the seating provider’s problem. BISCO® silicone significantly outperformed other tested materials, especially as it related to shock and vibration isolation. Known for long-term performance and durability, the material also easily met and exceeded the BS 6853 standards.


Currently in use as the gap filler sought by the seating manufacturer, BISCO® material is helping to control unwanted vibration within the car. In addition, it delivers peace of mind by meeting the fire safety standards that were a requirement prior to its adoption. With less potential for liability, railway car owners can rest assured they are providing a safe and comfortable travel experience for passengers.

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