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Rogers Provides Petrochemical Facilities with Reliable Junction Box Heater Connectors

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Rogers ARLON® Silicone-Coated Fiberglass Used to Design Molded Connectors

Customer Problem

Heaters are a crucial component for petrochemical companies, especially those operating in areas with extreme arctic temperatures. Functioning heaters ensure that lines stay unfrozen and functional. One prominent oil pipeline company began to experience an issue with its metal junction boxes that were bolted to flexible metal heaters. A plastic gasket in one of the heater’s junction box connectors would melt and fail when the heater activated, admitting water into the junction box and causing a short. This led to the company incurring significant costs to repair multiple, repetitive failures in the field.

The Rogers Solution

Rogers solid silicone provided the hydrophobic characteristics needed to produce a connector that could eliminate the water leakage problem. Rogers ARLON® silicone, capable of withstanding high heat, was molded to the heater making a waterproof, permanent junction box. The new molded connector resisted melting when the heater activated, preventing moisture from entering the heater.


Not only was Rogers’ ARLON® solid silicone easy to mold to the company’s specifications, it eliminated junction box failures in the field and reduced warranty claims against the company. This saved money in labor and replacement parts costs, as well as maintaining the company’s superior reputation for quality.

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