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Rogers Teams with Auto Manufacturer to Provide High-Performing EV Car Battery


Customer Problem

A leading car manufacturer decided to undertake the challenge of designing a revolutionary vehicle – one that would have a drive train powered solely by electricity generated from lithium ion batteries. Successful in that endeavor, after several years of successful production, the automaker sought to find new ways to make each of the individual battery cells even more powerful. Doing so meant a new formulation of cells, which necessitated the need for a new formulation of material to fill the gaps between each of the battery cells. As battery cells expand and contract as they charge and give off energy, the gap filling material would need to withstand hundreds of thousands of cycles in synchronization with the cells’ actions. The specified foam that was being tested was not performing well as it needed to be softer and able to be customized to meet the manufacturer’s specifications.

The Rogers Solution

Using the correct formulation of PORON® polyurethane foam material, Rogers was able to meet all of the manufacturer’s needs in this application. A perfect fit due to its softness, PORON® formulation 92 moves with the battery cells to which it is adjacent. In addition, the material has a low compression set, which allows it to maintain its effectiveness as a gap filler. Well known for its long term durability, PORON® polyurethane foam was an ideal material to withstand the continuous cycling of the cells.


In addition to finding a material with the correct level of softness, compression, and durability, the auto manufacturer was pleased to learn Rogers was able to provide PORON® polyurethane material customized to their desired force versus deflection requirement. Now an essential component in their cell batteries, PORON® material enables the battery to function properly, operate efficiently, and achieve a high level of energy output. As more and more drivers opt for electric vehicles, Rogers’ polyurethane foam will continue to move forward in the fuel cell battery application for years to come.

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