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Smartphone Manufacturer Uses Rogers Material to Eliminate Water Ripple Issue on its LCD

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Rogers PORON® Polyurethane Foam Solves Water Ripple and White Spot Problem

Customer Problem

A major smart phone manufacturer was experiencing problems with white spots and a water ripple effect when customers used the touchscreen on their phones. The touch pad experience for smart phone users is extremely important as it is the primary and most often used feature of the phone. The root cause of the problem was discovered to be a weakness in the screen's LCD module. Ongoing occurrences of the spots and ripple effect in the LCD ultimately caused a shutdown of production, costing the manufacturer significant amounts of money in down time and lost profits. They were in need of a quick, reliable solution - Rogers was up to the task.

The Rogers Solution

The manufacturer needed a softer material in the phone’s back cushion, one that would distribute force more efficiently while providing good compression set and stress relaxation resistances. In addition, it needed to have good compressibility with low push-back force and perform consistently over the long term. Rogers worked diligently with the manufacturer, solving the problem with its PORON® 79TS5B-20006 polyurethane foam. The softer material more effectively distributed touch force, allowing the smart phone to pass the water ripple test using less than 300 g of force. In addition, the superior compression set and stress relaxation resistance ensured the PORON® foam would perform consistently over a long period of time.


The use of PORON® 79TS5B-20006 allowed the smart phone manufacturer to eliminate the water ripple and white spot issues with the phone’s touch pad. Customers began once again to have a problem-free experience with their devices, and the manufacturer was able to resume production - saving them money and maintaining its ongoing good reputation with its customers.

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