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Tablet LCD Protection

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The Challenge

The trends toward larger and more expensive screens in thinner devices mean that it is now more important than ever to protect the display. The LCD gasket can be an important part of the system that protects the LCD from cracking in a tablet device. When created out of the right material, the LCD gasket can absorb and distribute impact energy, which prevents cracks in the display.

The Rogers Solution

The following PORON® materials can be used as LCD gaskets in digital tablet devices:

  • PORON® ShockSeal® polyurethane Foam (4790-79)
  • PORON® 92 Formulation polyurethane Foam (4790-92)


  • Two great materials designed for your impact needs: 79 for the most intense impacts and 92 for lower energy impacts.
  • Both Rogers materials protect against impact even in their thinnest and lowest density form. Excellent compression set resistance means long-term performance.

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