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Tablet Manufacturer Works with Rogers to Fix Display Issue

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Customer Problem

A well-known tablet manufacturer became aware of customers experiencing problems with one of their products. It became apparent there was a water ripple effect occurring when customers touched the device's display, and dropping tests revealed that white spots were emerging in the display. The maker had chosen a competitor's foam for the display back pad, but it did not reliably provide the user experience desired by the manufacturer. The combined magnitude of these issues halted production, costing the manufacturer substantial money. They needed a fail-safe practical solution that would deliver an excellent user experience and provide long term reliability.

The Rogers Solution

The manufacturer sought out an extremely soft material that would distribute force better, provide good compression set and compressibility with low push-back force, as well as good stress relaxation resistance. Rogers solved the problem with PORON® SlimGrip™ SGRL-06020 polyurethane foam. The softer material more effectively distributes touch force, which allowed the tablet to pass the water ripple test with less than 150 g force. In addition, the superior compression set and stress relaxation of the PORON® SlimGrip™ foam material enabled it to perform reliably over time.


The use of PORON® SlimGrip™ polyurethane material was crucial in solving the tablet’s water ripple and white spot issues. As such, customers once again enjoyed a satisfying user experience and long-lasting product satisfaction. In addition, the manufacturer was able to resume production, saving them costs while maintaining a good product and brand reputation with its customers.

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