CuClad 217 laminate’s cross plied construction provides in-plane electrical and mechanical isotropy. CuClad 217 uses a low fiberglass/PTFE ratio to provide the lowest dielectric constant (Dk) and dissipation factor available in fiberglass reinforced PTFE based laminates. Together, these properties offer faster signal propagation and higher signal/noise ratios.


  • Dk of 2.17 or 2.20
  • Dissipation factor of .0009 at 10 GHz
  • Low moisture absorption and out-gassing
  • Stable Dk over a wide frequency range


  • Low Dk supports wider line widths for lower insertion loss
  • Low circuit losses at high frequency
  • Design flexibility in PCB fabrication benefits from improved dimensional stability
  • Enables designers to meet strict specifications


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Data Sheet
CuClad® Laminates Data Sheet English
Fabrication Information
CuClad Laminates Fabrication Guide English
CuClad Series Laminates - PSIS English


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