IsoClad 917 laminates use a low ratio of non-woven fiberglass/PTFE to achieve the lowest dielectric constant and dissipation factor available in its class. The non-woven reinforcement allows these laminates to be used in applications where the final PCB may be bent in shape, including con-formal or wrap-around antennas. IsoClad’s longer random fibers and proprietary process provide greater dimensional stability and dielectric constant uniformity than competitors in similar classes.


  • Dk of 2.17 or 2.20
  • Dissipation factor of .0013 at 10GHz
  • Extremely low loss
  • Low moisture absorption


  • Less rigid than woven fiberglass
  • Highly isotropic in X, Y and Z axis
  • Stable Dk over range of frequencies
  • Improved dimensional stability


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Data Sheet
IsoClad® Laminates Data Sheet English
Fabrication Information
IsoClad Laminates Fabrication Guide English
IsoClad Series Laminates - PSIS English


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