Rogers offers a wide breadth of materials that enable efficient, reliable operations in challenging industrial conditions. From power electronics that reduce energy consumption, improve equipment performance and optimize system availability to thermal management and sealing solutions that protect costly machinery, industrial product designers rely on Rogers’ advanced materials technology.

Related Products

ARLON® Silicones

Rogers ARLON® Silicone Technologies are the industry leaders in silicone elastomers.

BISCO® Silicones

The BISCO® product line is the world leader in silicone foams used for gasketing and sealing applications.


COOLSPAN® Thermally and Electrically Conductive Adhesive (TECA) is a thermosetting, epoxy based, silver filled adhesive film used in bonding high power circuit boards.

curamik® Cooling Solutions

Rogers Corporation offers a suite of advanced liquid cooling solutions powered by the state of the art curamik® bonding process.

curamik® Metallized Ceramic Substrates

Rogers Corporation’s curamik® product suite offers best-in-class metallized ceramic substrates that lead the industry in enabling power electronic printed circuits.

DeWAL® Products

The DeWAL® product line is the industry leading manufacturer of high-performance polymer films and pressure-sensitive PTFE and UHMW tape.

ENDUR® Components

ENDUR® Elastomer Components are molded elastomeric products for use as document rollers.


  • Closed cell foam using proprietary NBR
  • Liquid level sensor resistant to most fuels and chemicals

PORON® Industrial Polyurethanes

Rogers line of PORON® Industrial Polyurethanes provide durable, long-term performance in industrial applications.

ROLINX® Busbars

Rogers Corporation’s ROLINX® busbars are the global industry leader. Laminated busbars are engineered components used for power distribution.

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