Automotive safety systems designed to avoid accidents are becoming increasingly common in today’s vehicles. New cars are often equipped with robust collision avoidance technologies due to regulations mandating their inclusion. These Active Safety technologies are enabled by innovative Advanced Driver Assistance Systems (ADAS) and use several sensor technologies, including radar, to detect conditions that may lead to a collision. With this, ADAS helps drivers arrive safely at their destination. Rogers is the world’s technology and market leader in innovative material solutions, providing high performance printed circuit board (PCB) laminates for automotive 24 GHz and 77 GHz radar sensor applications enabling active safety.

Advanced Driver Assistance Systems (ADAS)

Radar-based ADAS systems are active safety systems that assist drivers by giving vehicles the virtual ability to sense the static and dynamic objects on the road. High frequency circuit materials from Rogers Corporation are critical to the reliability of radar sensors essential for ADAS. At RF and millimeter wave frequencies such as 24 and 77 GHz, radar sensor designers require thin core PCB laminates with low insertion loss and low dielectric constant. Rogers’ materials have an established reputation for excellent quality and reliability in the electrical and mechanical properties required for radar sensors to achieve the highest performance.

  • 76-81 GHz Radar Sensors - Driver assistance functions, like forward collision warning, emergency brake assist, adaptive cruise control and traffic jam pilot, require radar sensors operating in a range from 76-81 GHz. RO3003G2™ high-frequency laminates provide outstanding dielectric constant stability and the lowest insertion loss. For very cost-sensitive designs, RO4830™ laminates provide good electrical performance and lower total PCB fabrication cost. For designs which include multiple RF layers, CLTE-MW™ laminates provide a woven-glass reinforced sister product to RO3003G2, which is also compatible with SpeedWave® 300P Prepeg and RO4450T™ bond ply options.
  • 24 GHz Radar Sensors - RO4835™ high-frequency circuit materials are commonly used in 24 GHz radar sensors for blind spot detection or rear cross traffic alert. In blind spot detection, radar sensors continuously monitor the presence, direction and speed of vehicles in adjacent lanes and alert the driver of any danger. RO4835 materials have proven their high-frequency capabilities and offer the circuit fabricator a process that is more aligned to standard PCB materials.

Autonomous Driving Sensors

Sensors play a key role in advanced driver assistance systems and autonomous vehicles. They act as the eyes and ears of a vehicle and have quickly become indispensable components in ADAS and autonomous driving vehicles. Rogers Corporation offers a comprehensive portfolio of material solutions that solve sensor sealing and vibration design challenges.

  • PORON® polyurethane and BISCO® silicone materials offer great compression set resistance, ensuring a tight seal is maintained throughout the life of the vehicle.
  • BISCO® silicones exhibit excellent sealing performance with providing resistance to UV, ozone and extreme temperatures.
  • PORON® polyurethanes deliver reliable vibration dampening for sensor units, as well as noise reduction.

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