For all types of isolator and enclosure applications, PORON® Urethanes and BISCO® silicones ensure reliability, enhance quality, prevent wear and keep components secure.  When a spacer or elastomeric spring is needed, these proprietary materials from Rogers resist compression set (collapse) so enclosures and component systems remain tight and secure over long-term and demanding use conditions. Frequently used as bin liners in passenger vehicles, aircraft and rail interiors, PORON® and BISCO® foams exhibit high resiliency, good vibration damping and impact absorption.  Both materials enhance product quality and extend the life of the product by continuing to seal, absorb shock and isolate vibration over a product’s lifetime.

Constant Spring Force

With the ability to maintain a constant spring force over long-term use, both PORON polyurethane foam and BISCO silicone materials are a great fit for challenging spacer (or spring) applications. Typical spacers have low-performing compressibility rates so they wear out quickly and lose their “spring-back” force. Over time, other materials effectively shrink and flatten out. High performance foam solutions from Rogers have excellent compression set resistance, delivering long-term cushioning or spacing between components, while reducing noise and vibration and keeping components secure.

Vibration Isolation

By choosing materials that absorb internal impact energy, designers can enhance product quality and reduce friction and impact that result in vibration and noise. PORON Urethane and BISCO silicone foams are highly resilient and continually deflect vibrations over long periods of time while experiencing only minimal changes in stiffness due to stress relaxation. Both materials provide excellent resistance to compression set (collapse), good vibration damping, and impact absorption. Our materials continue to seal and absorb vibration and shock over long-term use, extending the life of the product.

Noise Isolation

Most noise caused from vibration occurs at frequencies below 500 Hz. The key to choosing the optimal isolator to reduce noise, vibration and harshness (NVH) lies in the material’s ability to deflect and maintain a low natural frequency to avoid amplification within the system. PORON Urethane and BISCO silicone foams are reactive solutions to noise that block the path of sound and vibration in the product. For a broad array of applications, from vehicle passenger compartments to portable electronics, Rogers’ high-performance materials provide an excellent solution.

Fire Protection

When possible fire ignition is a concern, BISCO silicone foams are ideal solutions for spacer or bin liner applications. Their stability across a wide range of environments and ability to self-extinguish during fires make them ideal for isolators in transportation, communications and electronics applications. With exceptional FST (flame, smoke, and toxicity) characteristics, BISCO foams and solid silicones meet many industry fire standards.

Wide Range of Material Solutions

PORON urethane foams and BISCO silicone foams are available in a broad range of firmness and thickness options to suit all types of isolator applications -- from sensitive handheld electronics to gas tank strap spacers to vehicle compartment and console bin liners. Many PORON Urethane foams meet the flammability requirements of UL HBF and MVSS 302.  For applications with more extreme temperature or environmental conditions, BISCO silicones offer superior weather and UV-resistance, along with exceptional FST (flame, smoke, and toxicity) characteristics.

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