ROLINX Thermal meets the demand for higher power levels in power converters. ROLINX Thermal is the only available laminated busbar that operates at working temperatures up to 130°C. This laminated busbar is insulated with our proprietary “Tex Nickel,” developed specifically for high temperature environments. ROLINX Thermal is available with both standard and extended humidity capabilities. It is commonly used in traction, industrial converters, clean energy and energy production applications.


  • Uses “Tex Nickel,” Rogers proprietary nickel formulation designed for high temperature environments
  • Carries voltage up to 12 kV DC
  • Power up to several MW
  • Temperature range of -50°C to +130°C
  • Relative humidity of 55°C/95% RH (standard), 85°C/95% RH (extended)


  • Enables you to upgrade existing power system design to a higher power level
  • Extended thermal characteristics; temperature range up to 130°C
  • Extended humidity rating
  • Allows for more power through the same copper section
  • Designed to last; exceptional durability and reliability
  • “Tex Nickel” insulation assures smooth process capabilities while guaranteeing visual and functional quality


Description Language File Type File Size
Product Information
ROLINX Thermal Product Sheet English
ROLINX Thermal 产品信息 中文
ROLINX Busbars General Overview English
ROLINX® 母线排 概要 – 产品信息 中文
UL Listing
ROLINX® Busbars - UL Listing English


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